Following the surprising popularity of our goofy .05K Charity Fun Run, we learned there's a lot of super fit people in the community that want to run a full 5K. Overachievers! For Smokin' on Broadway 2019, we're thrilled to announce the return of the 5K Not-So-Fun Run/Walk. It's still a fun run, it's just that you have to run/walk for five kilometers. That's one hundred times the length of the .05K. See why it's Not-So-Fun? Participate in costume and you'll still have the time of your life and you'll look like a rock star. We encourage those that aren't entering the event to show up and support the runners, cheer/jeer them on, and bring out your best spectator signs. No one said the crowd can't wear costumes, so you should. Give those silly athletes something goofy to look at. After all, they are running further than we ever have.

The event is sponsored in part at our pals at Synergy Total Fitness. Be sure to thank them for supporting this awesome event.

For more information on the event and to sign up for the race, please click here or see the form below.