Do you like spicy food? Are you trying to impress a significant other with your toughness? Do you think nothing goes better together than chicken wings and beer? Great, you'll love this event! Except the beer and all other liquids will have to wait to quench your thirst and put out the flames until after the contest is over.


Due to the suggestion of some competitors, the rules for 2019 have recently changed! Contestants will have 10 minutes to eat as many chicken wings as they can. All wings will be sauced with a very, VERY hot sauce. A cash prize and a bunch of milk will go to the person that eats the most wings in that period of time and survives a 5-minute afterburn waiting period. We hope you're not also lactose intolerant!

Think you can do it? Of course you do! We're not so sure, but it will be wildly entertaining to watch you try! Just kidding, you're going to win. The rest of your day might be ruined, but you'll still be #1 in our heart. Note: if you have already filled out a waiver and entry fee for 2019, please fill out a new one found below and turn it in.

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