Back for it's third year, the Imperial Iron Skillet contest is a cooking contest pitting competitors against each other to prepare a dessert and appetizer featuring mystery ingredients handed out a few days before the contest. This will be a contest you'll want to watch in person, as our competitors will be interviewed by our emcee about their dishes and how they made them. If you cheer loud enough for the competitors, you might get to sample the dishes.

We assure you, we won't provide any crazy ingredients, such as durian. Whatever that is. We hear it smells funny. You're welcome to use it as part of your other ingredients if you are willing to risk being known as the person with the stinky dessert. It's a small town, word gets around. Maybe it's worth the risk. I bet we'll eat it either way.

For more information about the contest and to enter, please click here or see the form below.